Fantasia 2017: “Sequence Break” Review

July 30, 2017 Blair Hoyle

What do you get when you take a classic boy-meets-girl love story and then throw in a demonic video game with sexual urges, a violent vagrant, and psychedelic dream sequences? Whatever the hell Graham Skipper’s Sequence Break […]

“Beyond the Gates” Review

December 8, 2016 Blair Hoyle

Beyond the Gates, Jackson Stewart’s splattery love letter to the VHS era, is one of the most enjoyable genre films of the year. Filled with horror movie references, raunchy jokes, spooky villains, and loads of […]

First “Siren” Clip Arrives

August 31, 2016 Blair Hoyle

The first clip from Siren, the feature film spinoff of the V/H/S segment “Amateur Night,” has been released online, and it delivers some flesh-tearing creepiness courtesy of an extremely familiar face. Jonah is an apprehensive […]

Fantasia 2016: “Lace Crater” Review

July 28, 2016 Blair Hoyle

Sexual exploration films have a tendency to feel pretentious and self-important to a fault. Oftentimes this is difficult to avoid due to how personal the stories are to the filmmakers. Harrison Atkins’ Lace Crater avoids these […]

Production Begins on “Beyond the Gates”

April 27, 2015 Blair Hoyle

Production has officially begun on upcoming horror romp Beyond the Gates, and, boy, does it sound fun. Two estranged brothers reunite seven months after their father’s disappearance to liquidate his anemic video store. While there, […]

“The Guest” Review

October 16, 2014 Blair Hoyle

After redefining the home invasion genre with last year’s You’re Next, director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett have teamed up once again to bring forth the kind of action-thriller that my generation hasn’t been alive […]

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