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    Giveaway: “The Snowman” Promo Pack

    We’re teaming up with Universal Pictures to hook one lucky reader up with a pretty incredible promo pack for upcoming crime-thriller The Snowman. A t-shirt, a plush doll, and a note from the Snowman killer [...]
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    “Tragedy Girls” Review

    Above all else, Tyler MacIntyre’s Tragedy Girls is a satirical takedown of hashtag culture and the very nature of online deceptiveness as seen through the eyes of two fame-obsessed high school girls. The girls in question are [...]
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    “Brawl in Cell Block 99” Review

    When you think of intimidating actors, Vince Vaughn probably isn’t the first guy to come to mind. Despite his towering height and some legitimately great dramatic roles over the years, his sharp wit and long history [...]